Paint Supplies

Before You Start Repainting...

Before You Start Repainting...

Pick up some paint supplies at our general store in Richland, NJ

Whether you're remodeling your home or painting a room for a new baby, it's always exciting to add a fresh coat of paint to your walls. You'll need to stop by a paint store to select a shade and pick up some rollers and pans. If you're in the Richland, NJ area, head over to Richland General Store to get everything you need. We carry EasyCare Paint Products.

We keep a wide selection of paint supplies in stock. Stop by today to check out our paint department.

Get your painting project off to a good start

When you visit Richland General Store, we won't just show you were to find the paint supplies and then go on our way. The friendly folks in our general store will:

  • Help you select the best paint for your project
  • Mix your paint on site
  • Offer advice on which brushes, rollers and tape to buy

Looking for a local paint store that knows their business? Look no further. Visit us today to get quality products and excellent customer service.